Winchester Boys visit the Flash

The Winchester Boys visit the Flash – a Possible Crossover Maybe?

Today’s hot topic is a possible crossover. Could you imagine the possibility? Everyone is already going crazy as season 3 of “The flash” is just 2 months away. While that was already on everybody’s menu, Sam and Dean have been spotted at the Flash’s set – what are the possibilities?

Pick your side – a crossover or not?

Here’s one thing, both come from an entirely different zone and both the TV shows have no link to each other. Considering that “The Flash” is a major masterpiece of DC comics and Supernatural characters have their own persona, it is somewhat hard to be confident about anything at the moment.

So, if we look from that perspective, it can be ignored assuming that it was a casual visit. However, that is only if it was a casual visit and no one is certain at this point.

Let’s make some points and figure out whether it could be a crossover between both the shows or not. Better yet, if it actually is a crossover then both the TV shows are in for a heavy loaded traffic coming their way. Let’s try and figure out what it was.

Why it cannot be a crossover?

  • Firstly, both come from a very different dimension and have very obviously different enemies.
  • Secondly, it could just be a friendly casual visit as both the sets were close to each other in distance.
  • Third, it could be a prank as both the shows are of CW and were there to just play a joke on Flash’s set.

How it can be a crossover?

  • Both the TV shows are of CW which could easily merge up for a short story of one episode.
  • Both appeared in their crime investigation outfits, which links to something.
  • Similar to DC Comics’ Constantine and Arrow, Flash and Supernatural could share a storyline somewhere too even though they are from totally different universes.

But these are all assumptions which could mean something or nothing at all. The meaning of this is that Flash has such a vast dimensional concepts of other earths being in existence that anything can happen.

You can keep your fingers crossed until it airs as it’s only a matter of a little time until flash comes to the screen with some kickass action and supersonic speed. Every DC Comic fan must be waiting for what the first episode of Flash would look like.

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