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WhatsApp Will Share User Data with Businesses – Is It an Intrusion of Privacy?

It’s everywhere in the news that WhatsApp will now be sharing user data with Facebook. Now, right when you read, “sharing data with Facebook” what came to your head? It’s obvious, the intrusion of privacy and everyone might even look for an alternative.

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp back in 2014 they said that they don’t collect and store any kind of data. Have no plans further to change that. However, it was just recently said that WhatsApp would share some data with their parent company as Facebook wants to give you the “opportunity” that businesses contact you directly on WhatsApp.

If that is the idea behind this approach, then it seems a lot more like spamming. Although, they have even announced that they will be providing users an experience without third-party banners and Spam. This means WhatsApp will still be Ad-free which is a relief but still if we are talking about data sharing then what kind of data are they sharing with Facebook?

Is WhatsApp Still Providing End-to-End Encryption?

If WhatsApp security is still providing encryption then that means your messages, calls and sent/received data is still encrypted and cannot be looked-in by anyone. So, if that is the case then what do they share?

WhatsApp's New Privacy Policy

They will share your contact number with Facebook to better target adverts. Another shock to your senses will be this that WhatsApp and Facebook will now be linked. WhatsApp privacy policy says that they will also share your information such as device type and software information, but it remains the same that your messages and calls will be encrypted.

It is an intrusion of privacy but not in the way we imagined. They are collecting numbers and device information, which isn’t that big of an issue, but some people still feel insecure about it.

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