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Arsenal is back in the ground after defeating Watford, though Watford gave Arsenal a pretty tough time. The match was taken over by Arsenal from the starting when Carzorla hit his first goal in the first 9 minutes of the game. Arsenal won the match with 3 goals and Watford lost at 1.

The upcoming match on 10th September is held between Southampton VS Arsenal and both Arsenal and Southampton fans are overly excited and looking for ways here and there to watch Southampton Vs Arsenal online. Question is; is that such a big issue?

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The match between Southampton and Arsenal is held at Southampton’s home ground, which is an advantage for Southampton but seeing Arsenal in the last match seems Arsenal is not going to go down, and even if it does, probably not easily.

This was the last line-up of Arsenal when facing Watford:

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There is uncertainty in this match because you never know which teams would end up playing well. However, Arsenal seems to be having good conditioning and the mid seems strong. The line-up has not yet been shared but if Arsenal keeps the same line-up in this match then there is a strong possibility for Southampton to lose at their own home ground.

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