Rio Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony

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The exhilarating events of Rio Olympics 2016 are coming to an end and it’s time for the fans to see how Rio Olympics say goodbye with the upcoming grand ceremony. Lucky are the fans who’ll get to see this event happening in the stadium and on their TV screens as its going to be a memorable one.

Olympics come after every 4 years, start with a grand opening and end with a super-grand closing ceremony. Whatever this summer holds for this years’ Olympics is not what anyone would want to miss.


What do we look forward to in the upcoming Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony?

Though we all are willing to watch Olympics closing ceremony for the exciting performances, good music and various speeches, it is not ALL that we are looking forward to. Here's what we are excited about:

Fireworks – wait till the sky gets colorful!

The ceremony is starting off with the most predictable; Fireworks. The fireworks are what almost everyone in the world loves. The beauty, the sound, the colours, and the look of the sky! Who doesn’t love the fireworks, until they don’t fire in the wrong direction of course!

Lights – did you know that the lights can dance?

Like the 2012s Olympics held in London, we are surely looking forward to a lights show. The colors after the fireworks in the stadium will really set the mood.

Music – some good music maybe?

Lights and fireworks are all good but what really gets you going is good music. Now, we are certain that there are going to be performers as without the performers, there’s no real music, and when there’s no real music, there’s no real fun.

Dance – don’t you want to see the Brazilians Move?

Dance, yeah! It would be great to see people performing something themed. Surely, fans are desperately waiting for the Rio closing ceremony with a bit of sadness because the Rio Olympics is coming to an end.

Performers – Who’s stealing the show?

Like the London Olympics closing ceremony 2012, where there was Adele, One Direction, Spice Girls, and Rolling Stones, there will be some great performers too. This year at Rio, performances have been kept a secret however, Kygo the DJ with the hottest music acts in the world will be performing and pushing the beats to the dancing limits.

How do you plan to watch upcoming Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony online?

For the online audience, it will be a hassle to watch as it won’t be accessible everywhere. Obviously, you don’t want to miss out on this grand Olympics 2016 closing ceremony, especially when Kygo is hitting the beats.

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