Watch McGregor vs Diaz Fight

Watch McGregor VS Diaz UFC fight 202 live | OneVPN

Watch McGregor VS Diaz UFC fight 202 live | OneVPN

Here it is again, the fight that is going to bring the UFC fans to the fighting arena as little kids run towards candy. It is McGregor VS Diaz, one of the most anticipated fights of that will go live to thrill everybody, once again. Both the fighters are prepared for either the knockout or through submission.

How to Watch McGregor vs Diaz Fight

OneVPN brings to you the most enticing updates on how to watch McGregor vs Diaz fight along with a complete guide to stream the UFC 202. Fans are anxiously waiting for that adrenaline rush pouring and steaming in the arena where they will experience a brutal win and lose situation.

Before we move to the upcoming fight between McGregor and Diaz, let’s spice up things a bit by discussing the last match between the two that left one of them on the ground, and the other one standing up but bleeding badly.

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McGregor vs Diaz Fight

Whether the fans of UFC saw the last match or were unable to do so, it was a pretty enticing match which abruptly ended in a Win-by-Submission. Both of them showcased quite an amazing performance and Gregor was aggressively throwing rapid punches right on Diaz’s face until Diaz countered back and took him in a sleeper-hold position, which made McGregor submit.

The match would have been a win-by-knockout for McGregor but that didn’t work out as his opponent had strong technique game going on. Come March 5, 2016, we’ll probably witness this all once again.

And now, here’s the best of both McGregor and Diaz and what their fighting styles are all about:



The McGregor vs Diaz Fight Date and Venue

Guessing that’s enough for spicing up and freshening up the punches and the blows from both sides in the previous match. Now, let’s head forward to McGregor and Diaz – UFC fight 202 broadcast, live on Saturday, August 20th, 2016, which will be held at T-Mobile stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The match will be going live in US only, so it’s a sad news for the fans living outside of US. However, the good news comes along with it that OneVPN has crafted and set out an easy 4-step-guide on how to watch UFC Live Streaming: 202. OneVPN provides you with the best way to stream live without any hassle by using the Web TV tool.

How OneVPN’s Web TV Enables McGregor VS Diaz Fight Streaming?

OneVPN’s Web TV lets you access content outside your region whether it is sports, movies, TV shows or anything else. By using OneVPN, you can watch McGregor vs Diaz Fight online with great ease. Furthermore, OneVPN comes with an Ad-Blocker that makes your experience way smoother and hassle-free by eliminating all online pop-ups that cover your screen or pause buffering.

How to Watch McGregor vs Diaz Fight - UFC Live Streaming 202 via OneVPN

Here’s the step by step guide that’ll let you stream McGregor vs Diaz Fight on your desired device:

  • Grab OneVPN Subscription
  • Configure OneVPN on your desired device
  • Choose your desired country server
  • Connect OneVPN

Now you are prepared to watch McGregor VS Diaz UFC fight without any hassle.

Diaz vs McGregor fight predictions:

McGregor has that power and aggression coupled up with back to back fight wins on his credit. Diaz on the other hand, has a unique way of fighting and may be able to turn things in to his favor. To our team, it seems that McGregor will take Diaz down this time unlike the last one.

Do you think that McGregor will make Diaz pay this time around and turn him into a bloody pulp the way Diaz turned him in the McGregor VS Diaz 1, or Diaz will once again pick up the victory? Let us know in the comments section below.

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