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Manchester United vs Manchester City

Today, we have some highly interesting things to share with you regarding the upcoming match between two rival teams Man City VS Man United - happening on Saturday, 10th September 2016 at Old Trafford starting at 11:30 UK time. But firstly, let’s divide these topics into two servings because one is interesting and the other is relieving and both will served best separately.

Firstly, we do know that it’s a long journey for both Manchester United and their recent pro-active manager Jose Mourinho. Watching Jose Mourinho taking thick and dusty routes from Spain to Chelsea and then finally reaching the Old Trafford gate to manage Man U is a dream come true.

That can said for both Man U club and Mourinho, but we can’t say the same about the long-lost-love of Man U, “Cristiano Ronaldo”. Man U’s love interest CR7 is not likely to “come back home.”

Jokes apart, Man U has got some serious new transfers, and we are expecting some great performances from them. As seen previously, Zlatan Ibrahimović is already on board, so we expect a strong attack and strong defence Manchester United.

But can we say the same for Manchester City?

I think we pretty much can! It’s going to be a tough match as we have seen a lot of potential in this team. Although it has said many times and Man. City fans have cried back home too. Sometimes all people have is hope and that’s what we can say for Man City fans.

This was an interesting topic to discuss although it’s hard to predict as both the teams sound pretty loaded at the moment. To those who are reading and wondering how will they watch the upcoming match, I’d suggest you take the easy way, unlike Mourinho – Ha-ha! Check the complete guide on how to watch Man U. Vs Man City live online via OneVPN and make sure you check the channel list to see who goes back home crying this time. Post your predictions in the comment section down below, May the best team Win – HALA MADRID! JK

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