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Watch Luke Campbell VS Derry Mathews online

Boxing fans, here’s another treat for you all! Luke Campbell VS Derry Mathews is going live on October 15th, 2016. This match is surely going to be another hit after Canelo vs. Smith fight. The fight will be taking place at the Echo Arena for the Silver lightweight WBC title.

Luke will be entering the arena with a record of 14-1 and 11 knockouts. This time, Luke Campbell will be defending his title against Derry Mathews. Mathew is an accomplished boxer with a face-breaking punching power. This guide focuses on boxing fans who are unable to watch this match due to Geo-locks. Check out the details below on how to watch this match live online.

How to watch Luke Campbell vs. Derry Mathews live online

To watch this match live online, follow the 4-steps guide provided below:

Step 1: Subscribe to OneVPN

Step 2: Configure OneVPN on your device

Step 3: Select your desired server

Step 4: Connect to OneVPN

We are done with how you will watch the match, now the question remains about where you can you watch this match. Well that’s easy too, the channel list is provided below:

Where to watch Luke Campbell VS Derry Mathews

Here’s the broadcasters list for Campbell VS Mathews:

Sky Sports
Inside HBO Boxing

Match details

Now that we are done with how fans are going to watch the upcoming boxing match, let’s take a quick look at what the match will hold and who has a better chance of beating their opponent.

The Dynamic Luke Campbell

Luke Campbell, 28, has recently raised expectations with his out-class performances. Remember, he is also one of Britain's gold medal winners from Olympics 2012. However, some of his recent fights have made people think otherwise. Some would say Campbell is very good at amateur wrestling and not good in a pro rank.

The Powerful Derry Mathews

There’s still hope for him. His fight against Campbell will decide whether he’s good enough or not. On the other hand, we have a power puncher. Derry Mathews is an accomplished boxer, with a jaw-breaking punching power as mentioned before. He has produced a good record with 38-10-2 including 20 knockouts with 300 rounds under his belt.

Derry Mathews can win easily if given the opportunity. Although, if Luke is tactical enough to counter attack, there’s possibility. Let’s not pressurize the brain and prepare for the match so we can all watch it in peace. Don’t forget to share your predictions with us in our comment section below. We would love to interact with you all and exchange some views. Happy streaming!

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