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How to Watch Japanese Grand Prix 2020 Live Online

Are you an F1 fan? If yes, you must be aware that the Japanese Grand Prix is about to take place 09 - 11 OCT 2020. We are aware that there are geo-restrictions stopping you from accessing live streaming of Grand Prix. So, we have prepared easy steps that will let you watch Japanese Grand Prix with ease.

How to Watch Japanese Grand Prix in 4 Easy Steps

1: Subscribe to OneVPN

2: Configure OneVPN on your desired device

3: Select server that suits your requirements

4: Connect OneVPN to access streaming sports sites

So, this was your pass to access the channels which are broadcasting live online Japanese Grand Prix races. But that’s not it, to save your time and have you avoid all the hassle, OneVPN has prepared a complete list of channels where you can watch Japanese Grand Prix live online.

Where to Watch Japanese Grand Prix Live?

Here’s where to watch the Japanese Grand Prix from anywhere in the world:

Channel Name
UK SkySports F1 $5.84
USA NBA Sports Cable Subscription Required
Canada TEN Cable Subscription Required
Canada TSN and RDS 2 Cable Subscription Required
Australia One FREE
Netherlands Sport 1 $4.51
Italy SkySports F1 $27.70
Spain Antena 3 FREE
France Canal $27.70

When Does Japanese Grand Prix Go Live?

We have the dates of when Japanese Grand Prix is going live, and it isn’t far. Here they are:

Friday, October 9th (Practice)

Saturday, October 10th (Qualifying)

Sunday, October 11th (Race)

Now that we are all set with how all the fans will be watching this race, let’s discuss a bit about where this race is going to happen and what the track details of this race are.

Details of the Thrilling Grand Prix Japan

The revving will be in Japan, the most exotic destination to be found in the F1 race calendar. Talk about Tokyo; it can easily remind you of the Tokyo Drift (fast and the furious). Then it’s only obvious that the most beautiful F1 GP racing track is located in Japan, right?

It’s Suzuka international racing course, which is 50 KMs from the south-west side of Nagoya. Suzuka Circuit is owned by Honda, and was built in 1962. Japan can easily be identified as the racing land and people of Japan hyperactively follow all the races. The Suzuka track is 5.8kms in length with 17 turns and a capacity of 155,000. Which is quite a lot.

This Circuit will bring a lot of engines revving, and the sound of those speeding monsters will shake the entire area, *Goosebumps* It reminded me of a scene from the final destination movie. But anyways, have a great time watching Japanese Grand Prix, and feel free to share your views on our blog.

Happy racing! I mean, happy streaming sports via OneVPN!

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