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How to watch Italian Grand Prix – Quick Streaming Guide by OneVPN

The summer cannot get any hotter when Grand Prix is just about to burn the tracks with the speeding machines, which we call Formula 1 cars. Before we begin, let’s take a quick peek on the insights of the Italian grand Prix 2016 held at Monza.

The Italian Grand Prix – a Quick Peek

The Italian Grand Prix is one of the most popular events that run the longest on the Formula One calendar. Italian Grand Prix has always held at Monza since 1950 except in 1980, as in that year, it was held at Imola.

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How to Watch the Italian Grand Prix Online Via OneVPN

1: Get OneVPN subscription to watch F1 live online

2: Configure it on your desired device

3: Select the country server of your choice

4: Hit the connect button

You have successfully gotten your Nos cylinder like solution to watch the Italian Grand Prix 2016 live online. Now all that is left is the channel list, which is also mentioned below. Yeah, that easy!


Channel Name


UK SkySports F1 $5.84
USA NBA Sports Cable Subscription Required
Canada TEN Cable Subscription Required
Canada TSN and RDS 2 Cable Subscription Required
Australia One FREE
Netherlands Sport 1 $4.51
Italy SkySports F1 $27.70
Spain Antena 3 FREE
France Canal $27.70

Schedule taken from Formula Tours 

Monza, the Italian Grand Prix Race Track

The Italian Grand Prix has a record of one of the most thrilling races and that is probably because of the track Monza. Formula One Italian Grand Prix is the biggest event of the Circuit and Monza is the world’s third racing track Purposely built for circuit racing.

Now, what makes it so thrilling is the full-throttling option for the drivers due to the track’s long and straight length and that allows the drivers to hit high and dazzling speeds without stopping. The track has only three edgy corners where drivers have to be careful but these edges can be tricky at high speeds, giving more chances of collision, which has happened before, remember the 1928 race tragedy?

The Racer with Most Wins in Monza

Let’s talk about the person who has the highest number of wins on this track. And don’t we already know him? Yes, it’s Michael Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher is a very well-known F1 racer who has listed as the only driver who had the highest number of wins on the Italian Grand Prix since 1996 to date. He has been the best since the time he developed his passion for F1 racing.

Guess Which Car?

Ferrari was the only constructor to bag 19 wins as a constructor in the Formula One Championship and all the 5 times Michael Schumacher smoked everyone at the Italian Grand Prix in a Ferrari. Interesting right!

The Formula 1 thrills are just around the corner as the smoke of the burnout and the revving engines are all back to blow your minds. Those of you having your luck blown due to regional internet restrictions shouldn’t worry no more as the aforementioned How-To guide will work as a spare nitrous-cylinder for you – It will break through the restrictions with unbelievable speeds!

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