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Can I watch NFL games online?

Have you been following NFL? If not then you should. The series is going pretty good and the upcoming match is Eagles vs. Lions, which is a highly anticipated one. If you watched NFL through the entire 4th week of the NFL, you’d know what we are talking about.

If you are wondering about ways on how to watch NFL Eagles VS Lions live online, check below for easy steps to access each of the broadcasting sites that are showing this thrilling game:

How to watch Eagles vs. Lions live online

Step 1: Subscribe to OneVPN

Step 2: Configure OneVPN on the device of your liking

Step 3: Select your preferred country’s server

Step 4: Connect to OneVPN and enjoy the NFL!

Now you have the steps to watch Eagles vs. Lions online but you probably wouldn’t want to waste your time searching for the channel lists. So here’s the answer to the question you haven’t even asked yet:

Where to watch Eagles vs. Lions live online with VPN

Here you go: Where to watch Eagles VS Lions

Phew! The important message has been delivered but we haven’t revealed the game time as of yet.  Get the match venue, time and date to watch Eagles vs. Lions live online below. And yeah, keep your refrigerator full with snacks and soda for the game day!

Match Details

Eagles v. Lions will perform the attack, tackle, and defense on 9th Sunday, Oct 2016.

Where: Prepare to virtually teleport your devices to Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan. Keep your screens ready.

Time: It goes live at 1:00pm EDT. Make sure to engage your kids in some activities that are held away from your streaming room, set your devices and order some pizza or popcorn because you wouldn’t want interruptions. Happy streaming!

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