OneVPN is once again under the spotlight of honor as TopVPNCanada (TVC), a renowned VPN review site, reviews it. TVC is a well-known name amongst the VPN reviewers, being a specialized team that reviews VPN services after thorough analysis. TOPVPNCANADA OneVPN Review is divided in four segments, which are:

  • Price
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Features

OneVPN is glad that TVC has written an honest review based on its own analysis and has rated the price, support, and quality very high. Let’s have a short discussion on what they said about OneVPN on their site.


OneVPN’s pricing is what most of the people and review sites have praised by saying that OneVPN has got the best pricing plans. Similarly, TVC has rated and mentioned OneVPN’s pricing to be the most affordable one. As it’s offering people 4 years of VPN service at the price of 1 ($1/month only).


TVC has rated OneVPN’s support the best among all the VPN services and has highly appreciated the satisfying results that the support team has provided. Here’s what TVC has to say about OneVPN’s customer support:

“The customer support team of OneVPN is probably the top reason why people choose this VPN over many others. The customer support team consists of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely polite and helpful. The team is available online 24/7 for assistance and never gets annoyed no matter what question you ask them and at what time of the day.”


OneVPN’s quality has rated 8.5 out of 10 by TVC in terms of services OneVPN provides. We highly appreciate for the analysis that TVC has done and we are glad to know that they find our services useful and worthy of the rating they gave us.


TVC has specifically mentioned OneVPN’s stable and super-fast speed, which is something OneVPN is proud to provide. Since speed reduction is the biggest problem for users when they are using a VPN. Stating that OneVPN provides super-fast speed and a stable connection means a lot.

Here’s a little of what TVC said about OneVPN’s special Add-Ons i.e. Ad-Blocker, Anti-Malware and NAT Firewall:

“The best part is that all three of these hot features are currently FREE for everyone irrespective of which package they choose.”

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