DDoS attack on Top websites

Top Sites Under-Attack, Users Unable to Access their Favorite Sites

What is a denial of service attack (DoS)? and Solutions to protect you from it

In an era where there are all sorts of cyber security solutions available. Solutions to protect websites and other online services. Cybercriminals are still able to pull off dangerous tricks. The latest in the news is the internet’s top websites attacked using DDoS. Which led the sites to go offline for several hours.

The affected sites include Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, PayPal, Reddit, and many others. There was one thing in common between all the attacked sites. They were all customers of a company called Dyn. The company provides a service that helps internet users find their sites with ease.

There have been three attacks by attacker unknown. The FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security are investigating the case. Apart from the removed sites, there are many other sites that came under attack. Etsy, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Github were some of the websites that went offline during the attack. Users weren’t able to access the sites for at least two hours.

Going offline for two long hours is a big deal for huge companies. Like PayPal, Twitter, Reddit, and Spotify. The panic is all natural and understandable. Attack on all the sites made using the Distributed Denial of Service, known as the DDoS attack. The attempt was made by the attacker to overwhelm targeted servers by bombarding them with huge amounts of data.

PayPal has already cleared that no data of their customers got compromised. The only inconvenience their users had to face was being unable to make payments via PayPal. These attacks are pretty surprising as usually DDoS attacks made against single sites.

Team OneVPN warns to all of its readers to take precautionary measures. If they own any online businesses that are dependent on websites. Be sure to keep your network secure with the help of a VPN. Preferably OneVPN to avoid as much [potential] damage as possible.

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