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Finding Pokemon Go Augmented Reality effecting the actual reality is fun but annoying at times too. Over the course of time we saw people going crazy about various Augmented Reality apps but then came Pokemon Go which took gaming to a whole new level. In such short span of time, people started appearing with phones in their hands, pointing towards the road in weird places. Places, where people usually won’t take out their phones were now under the influence of a hilariously silly obsession. Following are some of the hilarious examples and memes, which started flowing when Pokemon Go caught a sudden hype and everyone went out on a rather funny expedition saying, “Gotta Catch ‘em all!”.
  1. When it went viral in limited regions
1 There were posts all around the world about people complaining to not have a good phone to play Pokemon Go or complaints on the App being launched in just a few regions. Even though the launch was set in limited countries, people were following it like bees on a flower.
  1. “Catch ‘em all” became the trending hot topic
2 Popular song by Miley Cyrus became another victim of the Pokemon Go attacks. It started to get real funny when you started seeing Pokemon everywhere as well as the Pokemon references.
  1. When you dive deep down into AR (Augmented Reality)
3 Well, no one saw that coming, yeah? It is funny because you are so addicted that you are walking in the middle of the road, focus is on finding that one monster, you walk, and walk, and Bam! Pretty deep, and funny, isn’t it?
  1. Walked into a Pole. What’s next?
Just when you started to think that life is getting better, you walked into a pole. Did you learn? Nope. Maybe a warning at office would do because you won’t stop “catching them all” at inappropriate places. 4
  1. Rough day? Let’s head back home, but wait?!
5. Yeah, everyone knows why this board appeared on what looks like a highway. Tired out but wait, did you just see GEODUDE? Dude, this is a highway. At least not here, you might just….
  1. Hit someone? Sigh…
6 Can’t say you were not advised by a big thick board in the middle of highway, right? Somehow the other kid using legs is clever, I must say.
  1. Okay wait, but not that clever, is he?
7 Oops! Was it me who jinxed it? Kids these days fall for anything. You put something furry out there, make it move, and they will catch it like a TeddiUrsa. Don’t you know there are bad guys out there? Play in the territory kid! Play but at least play safe. Anyways, someone might look for this kid, hopefully.
  1. Well, at least they are looking for something
8 Lost all hopes yet? There’s another one which is funnier. I feel bad for the kid in the van though.
  1. We have bigger problems – Finding Pikachu
9 The effort seems so real here it almost looks like he actually wanted a Pikachu at a crime scene. Would you? I would have said, “No you wouldn’t” but I guess Pokemon AR (Augmented Reality world) has started to change my perceptions too.
  1. Maybe the nights used to be dark and full of terror once
10 Whoah! I don’t know who’s braver, this “Squirtle” or the guy tracking this Pokemon . Firstly, it’s midnight. Second, it’s a graveyard. If Johny Cash was here, he would definately start humming his classic "There ain't no grave that can hold my Poké... I mean, body down".
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