Premier League

English Premier League Schedule and Weekly Updates by OneVPN

English Premier League Schedule and Weekly Updates by OneVPN

As the EPL excitement spreads around the world, everyone books their seats in the stadiums and the couches at home. You shouldn’t settle into your seats or couches yet because you still have to check the weekly schedule of the Premier League.

The Premier League is all about the excitement of weekly Premier League dates and the complete Premier League fixtures of the tournament. You will be getting weekly updates from OneVPN until the last English Premier League match reaches to its last minute. Wait, the schedule is not all that I have for you. You obviously want to know about how to stream EPL live as well, right! Check out this How to Watch English Premier League Live Guide.

Now coming back to the Premier League Fixture for the week:

This week’s Premier League Schedule

Check out the complete Premier League schedule here with the Premier League dates and timings.

List of matches for September 16 - 18 September 2016




Chelsea VS Liverpool Friday, September 16 3:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Hull CIty VS Arsenal Saturday, September 17 10:00AM (Eastern Time)
West Brom VS West Ham Saturday, September 17 10:00AM (Eastern Time)
Man. City VS Bournemouth Saturday, September 17 10:00AM (Eastern Time)
Leicester City VS Burnley FC Saturday, September 17 10:00AM (Eastern Time)
Everton VS middlesbrough  Saturday, September 17 12:30PM (Eastern Time)
Wat Ford VS Man United  Saturday, September 18 7:00AM (Eastern Time)
Southampton VS Swansea City Saturday, September 18 9:15AM (Eastern Time)
Crystal Palace VS Stoke City  Saturday, September 18 9:15AM (Eastern Time)
Tottenham VS Sunderland  Monday, September 18 11:30AM (Eastern Time)

OneVPN’s Web TV Reminder for EPL Fans

The week is about to begin and we are waiting to see our fans drool at the unique and extraordinary dribbling, tackles, and shoot outs this week and many other weeks after it have to offer. However, do not forget to use OneVPN’s Web TV tool.

Your EPL live streaming will get a whole lot easier if you get your OneVPN account and use OneVPN’s Web TV for English Premier League live streaming this week. You obviously do not want any lag or ads during the critical 90 minutes session this whole week. After the Premier League schedule and all Premier League dates are in your grasp, all you need is your live streaming tool for EPL. Happy streaming!

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