OneVPN’s CEO Interview by VPN Mentor

OneVPN’s CEO Interview Published By VPN Mentor

VPN Mentor: Above is the quote of OneVPN CEO on the rising censorship issues. A detailed and exclusive interview of OneVPN CEO published on VPNMentor. We are thankful to VPNMentor for conducting a brief interview.

“Internet Censorship is spreading faster than a fire in the jungle”

Introduction of Interviewer

Ditsa Keren – A WordPress Developer, a Content Writer, and a Technology Enthusiast have conducted the interview on behalf of VPNMentor on 6th February 2017. All her questions were on the spot highlighting the major online security and privacy related issues in today’s dark web.

Introduction of OneVPN CEO

He is a security and freedom enthusiast, who has been serving the IT industry for the last three decades. Formerly a network consultant at PureVPN and Ivacy VPN, Kurishi now runs OneVPN, a Hong-Kong based service that uses BSD technology to provide ultra-secure encryption. In this interview, he expresses his concerns regarding internet censorship and offers the technology to fight against it.

Highlights of the Interview

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VPNMentor Asked

What inspired you to start OneVPN?

The CEO Replied

“There were a lot of factors that inspired me to start OneVPN. First and foremost it was the increasing censorship and online surveillance. I lived in many countries over last 2 decades and everywhere it is the same. You cannot access websites, communities, forums, movies and sports channels. Plus, online threats are always there to haunt you. I have learnt from my past experience that VPN users need a combination of online security and streaming speed. Unlike, using SSTP/Ikev2 for utmost security makes you compromise your internet speed. At OneVPN, we combine both”.

VPNMentor Asked

What makes OneVPN different from other VPNs?

“Speed and our dynamic VPN network. 90% of VPN providers are running a VPN network based on Windows OS with virtual servers. This is the main reason that users get less speed when connected with VPN. If I talk in a more technical language, a Windows server has a very heavy and large footprint, which makes it impossible to Packet switch at client side line rate Plus VPN overhead and load makes it worse. We design a more stable and highly-compatible VPN network based on BSD. BSD based networks have a very small and lighter footprint, hence provide you better speed than a Windows server (RRAS)”.

Furthermore, the conversation headed this way

How do you see the future of online privacy in terms of legislation?

In the last 5 years, everything has changed. First, it was restricted to online spying by government authorities and we heard a couple of BIG names like NSA Prism Program, GCHQ, 5-EYE, but now it has gotten more complicated. The USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Germany have all joined the race to implement data retention laws, making it impossible for a citizen to keep his/her personal life private. The best and quick fix for this increasing Privacy issue is a VPN.

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