OneVPN is Here!

Behold, World’s Most Kick-Ass VPN is Here!

We don’t try hiding any Donkeys behind Cactuses. We don’t Express ourselves on to the Earth of the Nord to save you from Vipers or Tunnel-Living-Bears, neither do we claim to Purify any Black VPNs hiding under a Cloak. What we do is simple; we provide robust security, complete anonymity and flash-fast internet speed through one VPN, YES, literally throughOneVPN!

If you are standing, sit down. If you are drinking coffee, put the mug down on the table. If you are eating something, quickly gulp it down. You are going to learn about a news that might tremble your legs, have you drop the coffee mug on the floor or make you choke on the food that you are eating because the shock is going to be huge - in a very, very good way though.

Here it goes:
World’s best VPN Service has been launched today!
Not shocked at all? Hold your horses, pal.

This is not just any VPN. It is OneVPN - One solution to all the problems you have ever faced online. Be it a threat to your online privacy, data security, finances or identity, OneVPN is the ONE solution for it all. OneVPN is also the One, and the ONLY One solution to all your miseries revolving around geo-restrictions that always stop you from accessing your desired content!
And now, we head towards the long list of unbelievable but 100% true features that OneVPN comes with:


OneVPN’s Ad-Blocker will block each and every ad that wants to appear on your machine. Result: you will experience crazy-fast, super-smooth and uninterrupted browsing, file-sharing and streaming sessions.

NAT Firewall

Looking for that extra layer of online security without paying any extra bucks? Look no further, OneVPN comes with the best NAT Firewall, and it’s FREE!


Got multiple devices that require online security, privacy and speed boost? We have got you covered with our Multi-Logins feature. Connect OneVPN on multiple devices with its built-in Multi-Login feature. By the way, we give this away for FREE too!

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Though there is no chance of dissatisfaction when you use OneVPN as your primary VPN service, we still give you a 7 Days No-Fuss Money Back Guarantee!

99.99% Service Up-Time

Never want to miss a single moment of your favorite live sporting event or any other program? OneVPN guarantees you 99.99% service up-time so that you can stay connected to your desired servers, 24/7/365!

Up to 256-Bit Encryption

Never feel secure with 64 or 128 bit encryptions? Breathe a sigh of relieve because OneVPN gives you encryption of up-to 256-bits!

Unlimited Sessions

Connect and disconnect OneVPN as many times as you want. OneVPN’s Linux-Based servers are so powerful that no matter how many sessions are made, it is not going to even bother the OneVPN network.

Knocked your socks off, didn’t we? That’s what we do at OneVPN Headquarters i.e. keep surprising the whole world, one internet user at a time. What do YOU wait for though? OneVPN is up for grabs, so be quick to get the world’s best VPN before some second, or third-to-best provider comes making a similar claim, but falsely.

P.S. So we have disclosed to you all the features that OneVPN offers? No way, not even close. There are almost a dozen more mind-boggling features OneVPN offers, which we’ll tell you about in a day or two. You can’t help but stay tuned, right! Well, that’s what we expect. Have a good one!

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