OneVPN Android App Is Out

The Wait is Over: OneVPN Android App Is Out

Yes! OneVPN Android App is out and running successfully. It’s like OneVPN Genie to netizens; it fulfills everyone’s desires? Just a slight bit of difference is that it does not grant you 3 wishes only but a lot more than that.

OneVPN Android App is freshly out and perfectly placed in the Google Play store to serve you at its best. OneVPN Android App is ready to serve you the best-imagined protection against cyber-crimes and other kinds of malicious activities, so you can finally take a sigh of relief knowing your device is never going to be a victim anymore.

Our Android App offers you the best encryption of up to 256-bit Encryption so you can maintain your privacy while protecting your data like your device is under some iron-shelter. OneVPN Android App comes with a list of staggering features which will leave you moving like Jagger.

What’s more? OneVPN Android App Also Offers You The Following For FREE:


How do you find pop-ups, or shall we call them pop roaches, 'coz that's what we like to call them at OneVPN headquarters. As annoying as it gets for anyone, OneVPN Ad-Blocker is your very own Pop-roach killer.


This one is liked by many but owned by a few (OneVPN users). This will filter any malware trying to sneak into your device.

NAT Firewall

Everyone gets a bit skeptical sometimes when it comes to online security. Solution; an additional layer of security to your pre-secured safety shield.

Web TV

This isn’t the main course but it’s surely one of the best treats of OneVPN Android App. providing you access to various regions around the world, Web TV lets you watch and read everything from around the world.

The enticing unique features of OneVPN are successfully working on the Android App and hold no hidden charges. Your Android App awaits you with all the aforementioned features, so don’t hold back! Check out this quick guide on how to use OneVPN Android App:

How to setup OneVPN App

  • Step 1: Download OneVPN App for Android
  • Step 2: Run the App and select your desired server.
  • Step 3: Enter your credentials on login screen
  • Step 4: Tap connect and enjoy complete internet security and freedom!

On the top right corner, you will see a drop down menu from where you can adjust your profile, choose server, and edit VPN settings of Android.

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