Rio Olympics Schedule

Olympics 2016 Schedule – Watch Olympics with OneVPN

We have been discussing Rio Olympics 2016 for a while and now this much-anticipated series of events is finally kicking off. If you don’t already have the Rio Olympics 2016 Schedule with you, here’s the complete schedule with Rio Olympics 2016 dates.

Olympics 2016 Schedule

Now that you have the complete Olympic schedule, you are all set to watch the 2016 Olympics. Don’t know how to use OneVPN to access channels that are broadcasting the Olympics? Follow the How to Watch Rio Olympics Guide to stream all the exciting games.

Rio Olympics Venues Details

The battle for the Olympic medals has begun. There are total 32 Rio Olympic locations in Rio de Janeiro where athletes from around the world will battle it out for the win. There are also five football co-host cities which are Bolo Horizonte, Manaus, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Salvador. Here are the details of all the sports and the Rio Olympics locations where they will take place.

Rio Olympic Locations for 2016 Games

So these are your Rio Olympic locations guide that will help you easily plan out your visit to the respective arenas. If you are watching Rio Olympic Games from home, you can virtually fly to each of these Rio Olympic locations with OneVPN. Don’t know how to visit the Rio Olympics venues right through your TV screen? Check this How to Watch Rio Olympics Guide now!

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