How to Beat Pokémon Go

How to Beat Pokémon Go - Learn How Others Are Doing It

App that left everybody looking like a lunatic cell-phone gamer is still a hot cake amongst people. Although Pokémon Go has just recently climbed down to ‘Number 2’ in the app store for US, it’s still ranked Number 1 in various other countries.

This game took gaming outside the house, following into weird places like graveyards and dark forests, where normally a person would freak out. But that’s only when a person is left to appear normal anymore.

No matter how it appears to others, Pokémon is still played by a billion people and that’s only in some specific regions. Nevertheless, we have some important discussions to follow about Pros who beat the game and how you become a Pro in the game.

The pro and the not-so-pro who cheated

There’s a guy named Johnson, who already beat the game. You must be wondering how he did that and how hard it would have been to actually ‘Catch ‘em all’. It has been reported that in order to beat the game, he had to catch a total of 4,629 Pokémon, and hatch a total of 303 eggs.

According to the guy, he walked around 129 miles in that duration and lost about eight pounds by walking almost 8 miles a day for two weeks every day.

Now that’s a new level of crazy, isn’t it? What’s crazier is that Johnson wants to travel to three places which are outside the U.S, so that he’s able to find the three remaining Pokémon.

However, there’s another guy who beat the game but how he beat the game is not going to be interesting when I write that he ‘Cheated’. I mean, where’s the fun when in the game when you succeed through cheating.

Yes, the people who play Pokémon Go are well aware that the game gets tougher as the level increases but still there are neat and clean trick, yes time consuming, but fair and fun.

How did this crazy fan beat the game?

In Pokémon Go, 40th level is the highest that you can go and then the game supposedly ends. The user revealed that he got 40 Max potions, 40 Max Revives, 40 Ultra Balls, 4 Lucky Eggs, Four Incense, Four Incubators, and Four Lure Modules.

Seems enough but there was a computer bot program that the user wrote himself which was used to play the game for him to get through the levels.

User stated that for anyone to beat the game by reaching level 40 is ‘nearly’ impossible and when it said nearly, it actually meant ‘nearly impossible’. That’s because, to reach level 40 without cheating, a user will have to earn 54,000xp per day for a year. Whereas the bot this user created was averaging at around 280,000xp an hour.

How to become a Pro in the game (tips and tricks)

  1. Fastest way to level up:
    is to crack a Lucky Egg. You get a Lucky Egg when you reach level 9 and then at 14. They are also purchasable via real money, if you’d want to go that far.
  2. Hold yourself from powering them up:
    because powering them up before Trainer level 20 is of no use as that’s exactly when it begins to get difficult.
  3. Catching Pokémon gets tough:
    You may be quick but those are Pokémon and they get hard to catch. You will have to flick the ball differently at times. There are Pokémon which are close and there are those which can fly or are at distances. Therefore, you will need to aim accordingly.
  4. Apps to locate Pokémon on android:
    There are different apps that can tell you the exact locations of Pokémon in your area. This way you can locate them, find them, and catch them.
  5. Build your XP:
    Do not evolve so soon. Let the XP grow, then evolve. If you evolve them too quick it won’t last in the battles.

Stay safe and protected in your mayhem to become a pro player

Your safety comes first. There is news everywhere about incidents that have happened around the world while playing this ridiculously addictive game. People have crashed cars, fell from serious heights, and even gotten robbed.

Play in daylight because the night is dark and full of terrors, we all know this, don’t we?

Don’t trespass while playing even if there is a Mew2 hidden behind someone’s property or anywhere you are not supposed to go.

Be sure to use a VPN because you need to stay protected online. You must know that there are infected APK files with dangerous malware that could harm your device and your data along with it. So, make the best use of our Anti-malware if you are downloading Pokémon Go from an unverified source.

You can now get back to your Pokémon Go App and try beating it ASAP so that you don’t see the level 40 when you are 60 years old.

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