Google announced to shutting down Allo

Google Allo – Say Allo to messaging revolution or a threat to privacy

Hi, so we meet again, discussing a privacy and online data protection centered topic. Again, it’s an interesting news that just hit the media and everybody been going crazy over it. Google is out with another attempt to make your life as easy as it “shouldn’t” be.

“Allo”, the name is as interesting as the app itself. Google Allo is a messaging app, which was released on 20th of September, 2016. The app has some highly interesting features and some that resemble the new iMessage features in the recently gone viral iOS 10.

What’s special in Google Allo?

You can share a whole lot of things and let the app manage services, activities, and chat for you. It’s just a like a assisting you to chat with your friends in a funny way. It’s completely gone to future-level. However, there are things that you might want to look into.

Recently we heard WhatsApp sharing user data with the 3rd party which gave horror knocks on the doors of privacy concerned people. Is it the same with Allo?

Fun is not free – pay with privacy, earn messaging revolution

Allo? I can’t hear you now. Allo? Are you still there? Yeah, so we were speaking of fun. Google Allo to provide you with these fun-filled activities and services will store your data, all of it.

It will keep track of your activities, the services you use, the apps you access, your mostly typed words, searched and sent images, music and more.

Basically, entire activity on your phone will be tracked to provide you accurate suggestions of what you should send, search, or type. How’s that?

Would you be risking your privacy? Well, not entirely

Truthfully, Google’s Allo is not that bad. Google did announce that Allo will only store your data upon your choice. As long as you desire to keep it, it will stay, or you can choose to delete it.

It is revolutionary, but it can be a threat if you want

How? Confused? Don’t be because it’s pretty simple. There’s an incognito mode in the app. It will provide you with end-to-end encryption, but then it will be a simple messaging app with minimal features and fun. It’s worth a shot.

It really depends on how you want to protect yourself or if you want to protect yourself at all. Apps are not faulty, people are. It is important to practice protection, but the world is not aware of the threats yet.

Edward Snowden’s views on Allo

Edward Snowden tweeted,
"Free for download today: Google Mail, Google Maps, and Google Surveillance. That's #Allo. Don't use Allo."

People have been sharing their views about this tweet, saying all sorts of things, thinking he’s paranoid or has gone completely nuts. Well, truthfully, in a world like today, paranoia is better than the cost you might have to bear with severe consequences.

So, practice online privacy and security using a VPN, as well as by using your brains, and you will not regret the freedom you think you have right now.

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