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You should always be more curious when it comes to online security. Cell phones considered to a be a liability to the end user. Especially when we are talking about security and privacy. In that case, a VPN would be a better way to secure your data from different snooper and cyber insecurities. OneVPN providing a free VPN service on it android application with a promo code of Free Android VPN. Smartphones are beneficial as compared to size an efficiency. Smartphones are portable and easy to carry out anywhere very easily. But the question arises do you consider it as a Secure connection?

It is very easy to connect to a public Wi-Fi and get spoofed by the prying eyes. Your data is your asset and no one like to touch or share their asset by others without any permission. Everyone has their own privacy priorities. You can easily protect your data by connecting through a VPN service.

OneVPN offers a free VPN premium trial for Android and promises to their customers on not to compromise on their security and privacy, keep the user anonymity on its priority with no logging policy and for fulfilling customer requirement by providing free Android VPN built-in application just for customer's satisfaction.

You can easily get it through the google app store and can avail the free VPN service. So let's get started.

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Why do you need A VPN?

As there is rapidly increasing in the usage of the Internet. A user may face the assaults of privacy invasions and snoop of different Internet activities. Yet, to defense someone’s identity the businesses offer the private and free VPN services. The sole distinction is that the user connects via servers provided by the VPN suppliers.

The future of VPN business is promising as a result of users are responsive to online privacy significance consequently. The information privacy breach has become a worldwide issue. Furthermore, each user over the web has to defend its digital privacy since the problem has affected the privacy of netizens adversely.

OneVPN Free VPN features:

OneVPN offers many distinct features with its free VPN premium trial version that includes.

  1. Easy-to-Install Android free VPN App
  2. Fastest Streaming Speed
  3. 256bit AES Encryption
  4. Amazing Features
  5. Eye-catching User Interface
  6. No logging policy
  7. Unlimited servers to access
  8. Browse Anonymously

By getting subscribed to OneVPN service you can lead to a Virtual Passport to 390 servers from 59 countries. You can surf freely and Safely where ever you want to without any geo-restrictions and website blocks.

How to subscribe OneVPN's Free VPN subscription?

  1. So click get started NOW!
  2. Subscribe to OneVPN
  3. Configure your OneVPN account on your preferred device
  4. Select your desired server
  5. Use a promo code “Free Android VPN” with the support team
  6. Enjoy surfing with Free VPN premium trial


If you can’t afford a premium VPN service without a subscription. OneVPN is here to the rescue by providing its free VPN service on an Android application. Now watching Netflix or flying over the internet by surfing will not be a big deal. Free VPN services include all the quality services that any other VPN is providing. The top priority will always be the customer's security and privacy. The most important OneVPN does not create any session or logs for the security of the customer.

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