Secure Internet Connection
via VPN Encryption

Encryption via VPN

In today’s world on the internet nothing is secure, it’s not obvious that the data you are having in your system or device can only be access by you. Technology has provided hackers and snooper more power in this new world of spying that anyone can access our data. The only way to secure your data is to encrypt your data that can be done only through a best secure VPN.

What is encryption?

In the digital world, encoding is the technique by that plaintext or the other form of knowledge is reborn. A legible kind to an encoded version that may decode by another entity if they need access to a decoding key. Encoding is one among the foremost vital strategies for providing knowledge security. Particularly for the end-to-end protection of knowledge transmitted across networks.

There are various varieties of encoding algorithms, yet some of the foremost common ones are AES, DES, Blowfish, RSA, and DSA. Whereas all are good for encryption. If security is very vital, it's best to use a modern encryption method like AES with 256-bit encoding. To get the best secure encryption.

Security and Anonymity provide by OneVPN

Our VPN Network is SSL secured and uses 256 bit AES strong encryption for anonymity. It provides with the following strategies to provide the best security for a secure VPN service.

Data Protection: With OneVPN, your all information is safe with top-quality secret writing. Which keeps your file-sharing activities, online communications and money details secured. OneVPN knowledge protection feature makes sure your knowledge is well protected and confidential. We keep your data safer with the prying eyes.

Privacy: OneVPN privacy feature is the most advanced feature. Which provides you anonymity via dynamic internet protocol addresses. This provides you complete protection against hackers, data snoopers and police work agencies. These agencies aim to steal or read your personal data and information.

Malware Protection: Malware could be a dangerous software that proposed to cause harm to your device or your data. It breaches into devices in different forms and infects your data. OneVPN Anti-Malware protection acts like an autoinfection service. OneVPN makes your device and data secured when it's needed.

Ad-Blocking: OneVPN comes with a built-in Ad-Blocker. Which is an amazing service that helps avoid the annoyance of experiencing unwanted annoying advertisements. By blocking them from the source so you can surf without any annoyance. OneVPN Ad-Blocker is the ultimate ad killer that stops the ads. It stops from the source and keeps the end user out of the annoying conditions.

How is encryption used by OneVPN?

Encryption is an interesting technology advancement that works by manipulating data. So it is unreadable by unintended parties to access. OneVPN uses AES 256 bit for heavy duty encryption purposes. AES considered being resistant to all attacks, except for brute force. Which attempts to decipher messages using all possible combinations in 256-bit cipher.

OneVPN does not compromise on customer security and privacy. It provides a platform of freedom to protect their data. OneVPN provides several of servers all over the world and the fastest more secure VPN service.

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