Cybercriminals Hacking Rio Fans

Cybercriminals Were Hacking Rio Fans’ Internet Devices

The recent events happening in Rio besides Olympics caught the interest of many people. When Rio recently got attacked by cybercriminals snooping data through Public Wi-Fi in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Nowadays, people mostly prefer using their own cellular data packages. But there are some out there who still rely on public Wi-Fi spots. Do you know why? Obviously, because it’s free, and why not?

I mean, if I were out somewhere to cover something, I would definitely go for a free Wi-Fi. Rather than using my own data because data packages aren’t that cheap. So let’s just agree on this point and don’t blame the poor public in Rio. Things can’t go any worse than they are already over there.

Athletes win Gold, Hackers Winning what’s left

While athletes are dazzling in their fields to win some good Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Hackers in the area, have more on their plate to focus on, like private data of tourists and travelers in Rio. Now, if you were a hacker and you could hack public Wi-Fi spots unless everybody is using a VPN. It would definitely be one of those “hey, don’t’ worry, food’s on the house”.

In Rio, there have been reports of malicious activities by travelers. People who suffered during this tour to watch Rio Olympics 2016. These malicious activities occurred the day travelers set foot in Rio City. Malicious activists planted out fake Wi-Fi spots in numerous places around the city, like cafes, Shopping malls, hotels, airports, and railways. It was just to gain access to people’s private information.

It is strongly recommended to use a VPN as of course there is no other way to protect your private data. Where hackers are making smart moves to snoop around on your data and do what not with it.

How does a VPN counter these cybercriminals?

Well, easy answer. VPN protocols encrypt your data, mask your IP, and often come with various other features or add-ons. Which support Ad-blocker and Anti-malware. Basically, a VPN used to bypass Geo-restrictions, but majorly is used for online data protection.

Since people get victimized by these acts of cell phone intrusions. It is highly recommended for people in Rio and all around the world to use OneVPN.

Why should Rio start using OneVPN?

Starting with the best reason, how about better protection of your data? It’s understandable that athletes are winning something for their efforts. Which gets rewarded with a Gold Medal. However, that doesn’t mean you start considering these hackers’ efforts “efforts” and pay them with your Goldy precious data.

OneVPN comes pre-equipped with an Anti-malware and an Ad-blocker. It has powerful protocols to keep these hackers out and away from snooping on your data. Also, Rio Olympics fans recommended OneVPN. Because it allows you to access content which is unavailable in several regions. Therefore, use OneVPN for your ultimate protection right now. Because this OneVPN is your protest against cybercrime and intrusion of privacy.

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