OneVPN Interviews Christopher Elisan

OneVPN Interviews the Digital Virologist, Principal Malware Scientist and writer Christopher Elisan

Today is yet another important day of the recent times as BASIT ALLY, the official blogger and interviewer of OneVPN interviews the Digital Virologist, Principal Malware Scientist and writer from Atlanta; Christopher C. Elisan. We will make the most out of this opportunity and ask Mr. Elisan as many questions as we can while he is with us. After all, the more our readers would hear from security experts like Mr. Elisan, the better.

Christopher Elisan

Before the interview begins, take a look at the illustrious career accomplishments of Christopher Elisan:


Q. Why did you choose the industry of online security and specialties of Reverse Engineering, Malware Research and so on?

The early DOS viruses peaked my interest and it got me curious on how they work. It started as a hobby and stayed that way for a while then it became my profession when I finished college.

Q. Writing books to create online security and privacy awareness or communicating live with people or media; what do you enjoy more?

I enjoy communicating live with people or media more because I get immediate feedback, the conversation becomes more lively, informative, and exciting.

Q. Out of the books that you have written the online threats, which one is your own favorite so far?

My first book Malware, Rootkits, and Botnets: A Beginner's Guide.

Q. What top 3 tips would you like to give to our readers to help them protect their online privacy and security?

I would recommend them to learn more and more about the best privacy and security practices by reading books, blogs, and security articles.

  1. Use systems that they own and are familiar with and connect only to online resources that they know for sure are reputable.
  2. Do not give out or post PII (Personal Identifiable Information) on social media. This includes birthdays, current location, and pictures that are not for public consumption.

Q. Can you name a few must-have security tools (anti-malware, ad-blocker, NAT firewall etc.) that each and every internet user should have their devices equipped with?

For most home internet users, I always recommend browser extensions that block scripts, enable private browsing, block ads, and filters out known malicious websites. A good endpoint solution also helps. If they are running Windows, I always recommend Windows Defender that comes with the OS. It has the most important endpoint solution features. The rest in my honest opinion is just bloat.

Q. How much essential do you think a VPN service is for a user be it a professional, student or any other type of user?

Using a VPN is always a smart act because it protects network communications from prying eyes especially while most people are connected to the public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Q. While VPN services protect users from viruses, hackers, surveillance etc. many governments and different agencies are cracking down on VPNs. Do you think it’s fair to the users or the VPN providers?

This is a touchy subject. There should always be a balance between privacy and the government's job to access communications by those that are suspected to be acting in a manner that is detrimental to public safety.

Q. OneVPN comes with a FREE built-in Anti-Malware. To what extent you think this will protect the users?

Any product that comes with the ability to detect and prevent the proliferation of malware is always helpful to the users as long as it does not affect the system's performance and user experience.

Q. Why did you choose to be interviewed by OneVPN?

I am always open to discussing security if it helps other people become more security-aware. This is why I agreed to be interviewed.

Q. Any message you’d like to give to the readers that are reading this interview?

When it comes to security, the best thing is education. Always be aware of the latest security threats and how industry professionals and experts are tackling them. The more the users know, the better they’ll be able to protect themselves.

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