China Blocks Ad Blocker

China Takes Away the Right to Use Ad Blocker service

China has announced a policy to ban ad-blockers that skip, hide, or ban online ads. The policy focuses further on making some strict changes to the advertising plans. By making them more relevant, secure and beneficial for the companies and also the users.

Companies use this marketing tactic to market their product and company name. They use probably Google display network or display advertising.

Reforming Advertising Laws in China - Ad blocker service blocked

China has set the new internet policy which would prohibit netizens. To use any such application, software, or hardware. Which can filter, block, fast-forward, or prevent the advertisements from getting displayed.

By the looks of it, it seems like China has set out this policy to help the internet economy develop and prosper. Organizations put a lot of money on advertisements and ad blocker service. It may cause the organizations to lose that money.

The laws applying some strict changes to the way advertisements are going. To carry out would include a prohibition on drug and tobacco advertisements.

All of this is well explained but it somehow does take away the right from the citizens. The right to choose what to see and what not to see. There are millions of websites which show ads for publicity. Even if strict laws are going to put in place. Ads are undeniably annoying and irrelevant most of the time for users.

Ad blocker service like the one offered by OneVPN can block almost every ad. It is very true that ad-blocking makes lots of organizations and companies lose a lot of money. But it’s a matter of choice, to put it right – a matter of when a user chooses to see and when a user does not choose to.

OneVPN is one of the few VPN service providers which are offering a strong ad-blocker. OneVPN understood the need of a tool that would block all online ads. Thus it launched the Ad-Blocker and also for FREE.

Unfortunately, if this law put in place, it would leave the citizens of China with no choice. But to deal with the ads appearing here and there on the screen.

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