Good Bye Rio Olympics 2016

Good Bye Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016

The 2016 Rio Olympics have come and gone. There were so many sports and a lot of athletes involved in them. The participants were from all around the world, chasing for their ultimate dream to grab that brass ring that they always dreamed of. However, obviously, not all of them got what they desired. While there were the likes of Usain Bolt, who were destined to win multiple medals in the Olympics, there were those too who according to many should have won but didn’t – those people got severely injured instead (Aït Saïd, Richie Porte, Annemiek van Vleuten etc.).

The most followed and in-the-news sports included Basketball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Boxing, Swimming and Sprinting. The international multi-sport event held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil concluded with many athletes winning the gold but here are the details of the top 5 countries along with their medals won:

Ranking Country Gold
Silver Medals Bronze Medals Total Medals
1 USA 46 37 38 121
2 Great Britain 27 23 17 67
3 China 26 18 26 70
4 Russia 19 18 19 56
5 Germany 17 10 15 42

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