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Ad Blocker - A User's Relief or a Company's Pain

A quick peek into the history of online popup advertisement

Online advertising has played a vital role in the field of marketing and advertising. The intended purpose of online advertising was to generate traffic via online advertisement.

Pop-ups or Pop-up ads are forms of online advertising which launch another window. Under the active browsing window intentionally opened by a user. This feature evolved into a nuisance very quickly between the advertisers/marketers and the people using the internet.

How it quickly evolved to become an annoyance?

Today, almost everybody is using internet which means everybody knows very well how much of a pain a pop up can be. It is rather absurd when you see meaningless ads popping up on your window screen. When you are watching or searching for something entirely different.

In the early times, when internet was not overly populated. Pop-ups were still relevant to some extent. However, it slowly begins to irritate people with irrelevant presence on the web.

Here’s an interesting example! You see a fly buzzing around you and irritating the life out of you. At first you ignore, then you start hating its presence, and then you just want to get rid of it. Ads are now hated almost everywhere, except the agencies which launch them.

Solution to stop the Pop-roaches (Pop-up Ads)

While the agencies have started complaining about the Ad-blocker. Ad blockers are genuinely liked by the users who have been repeatedly annoyed and bugged by the Pop-roaches appearing everywhere.

Ad blocker has given us the power to choose to block ads or not to. Of course, there isn’t an "Ad-Filter" app which can filter Ads for the users to avoid irrelevance. Thus, users make use of what is available to them and that is an understandable option to choose to block the Ads.

Loss to agencies and advertisers

It's respected that the agencies and advertisers who are publishing Ads bear a lot of cost. That slows down the rate of online sales and public product awareness.

Marketers target particular market where people spend most of their time. That market is an online market and even an online market has its subdivisions now.

For example, most of the ads that you’d find are where you are able to watch movies, or it’s the social media channels. Now ask the people watching The Game of Thrones. If they’d like a pop up blocking the whole screen when Jon Snow is about to die. Daenerys is seconds away from jumping on top of a fire breathing dragon.

"They’d kill for it, trust me"

Ad blocker – A relief or a selfish act?

Discussions have made about users who presumed selfish for using such a service. Because it predicts the end to the digital advertising field. True, with Ad-blocker blocking almost every digital Ad, we’d be seeing the end to digital advertising and marketing.

However it’s only few of the companies which are promoting through relevant advertisements but many generate irrelevance which causes annoyance to the users and damage to the agencies.

It is best to say that Ad block service is a relief to the user and selfish act to the agencies.

OneVPN Ad-Blocker

OneVPN’s Ad blocker is relief to all the users who are facing Pop-roaches all over the internet. It blocks the screen-covering-ads and provide users with a rich online experience to whether watch movies or surf around the web without any hassle.

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